saxy_clarinet's graphics journal thing

Makes as much sense as the album it's from
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saxy_clarinet's graphics journal thing

Welcome to splatch:
a graphics community with no real purpose.
filling the undeniable void of Dugout-related Jim Thome icons since 2009.

I created splatch in order to have a place to put my icons. I make a lot of icons, mostly for myself and sometimes as requested by friends. I also make a lot of banners and icons that I know I'm never going to use, but that someone else might like. I figure I'll just throw everything on the Internet and see if anyone takes any interest in them.

When it comes to using the graphics: I really like comments, and I require credit unless I state otherwise. If you don't have to credit, I'll say so in the post. If I don't say anything, please give me credit. If I also give credit to an LJ user for taking a photograph that I turned into a graphic, please credit that user as well.

When it comes to commenting: Constructive criticism is FTW, and so is general politeness toward me and other users. I will delete your comment if it's particularly flamey, and if I don't like your general attitude, you might find yourself banned. The rule of thumb is don't say anything you wouldn't want anyone to say to you. It's a happy-making rule and it works.

"Splatch" is a track off the 1986 album Tutu, which was one of Miles Davis's last albums. It's kind of a weird album, jazzy and also really very 1980s because of the heavy use of electronic instruments and techniques. It fits into his catalogue much like this community fits into the graphics world at large, which is: hardly. Tutu, however, is a great album.

As to what it has to do with this community: nothing. It was available, so I used it. I like the track, but beyond that, there's no significance.