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saxy_clarinet's graphics journal thing

[MUS] Clarinets
Only one thing makes better quote icons than Steely Dan, and that's QI. I shall be updating this post with continued offerings. If you have any lines that'll fit in one or two frames, please comment with them!

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Altador Cup!
[MUS] Clarinets
Yes, it's that time of year in Neopia, when 16 teams battle for nerd bragging rights the Holy Grail of sports, the Altador Cup. The best part of the Cup for me (go Maraqua!) is the Yooyus themselves. THEY'RE SO CUTE. Here are the seven such petpets featured in the game named after them, Yooyuball.

No need to credit me, but you ought to credit Neopets, as it's their art.

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Icons: At Last the 1948 Show/Do Not Adjust Your Set
[MUS] Clarinets
Before there was Monty Python's Flying Circus, there was At Last the 1948 Show and Do Not Adjust Your Set. Here are some icons celebrating those programs. Extra love for Graham and Jonesy, since it seems there aren't as many icons of them out there.

At Last the 1948 Show
[2] John Cleese
[4] Graham Chapman
[2] John Cleese and Graham Chapman

Do Not Adjust Your Set
[2] Michael Palin
[1] Eric Idle
[4] Terry Jones
[1] Terry Jones and Eric Idle
[2] Terry Jones and Michael Palin
[2] Michael Palin and Eric Idle
[1] Eric Idle, Michael Palin, and Terry Jones

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2010 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic wooooooo
[MUS] Clarinets
zomgpost! Yes, I am alive. The reason I have not posted is that "making icons" fell somewhere just above "seppuku" on my to-do list for a while as I balanced twelve credits and a part-time job for the first time in a while. Excuses, excuses.

Then the Winter Classic happened, Bobby Orr was there, Mark Recchi was awesome, and Elsa, Dave Sandford, Brian Babineau, Andre Ringuette, and Jim McIsaac all forced me to make icons. So here are a few, and if I make more, I'll add them to this post.

Oh, and one bonus, 'cause I couldn't help m'self.

1 Bobby Orr, 2010
2 Marc Savard
3 Marco Sturm and Zdeno Chara
4 Tim Thomas
5 Goal celebration
6 Bobby Orr, 1969

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Dodgers, Dodgers, and More Dodgers
[MUS] Clarinets
Icon dump, mostly from Game 2 of the NLDS (Loretta wooooooooooooooooooooo). I realize that the market for "icons of Jim Thome in a Dodger uniform" is a very small one (i.e. I am its only customer), but I have those, too.

1 Brad Ausmus, Manager of the Year
2 Ronnie Belliard
3 Andre Ethier/Walkoff
4 Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, and Orlando Hudson/Division Champs
5 Jon Garland/Slow Like Garland (inside joke but not that hard to figure out)
6 Matt Kemp
7 Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Manny Ramirez
8 Clayton Kershaw
9 Mark Loretta and Matt Kemp
10-12 Mark Loretta
13 Walkoff/Andre Ethier, Casey Blake, and Russell Martin
14 Walkoff/Rafael Furcal, Ronnie Belliard, and Matt Kemp
15 Walkoff/the only ones I'm positive are in there are Thome, Furcal, and Pierre so don't ask
16-23 Jim Thome, two with Manny Ramirez, one with Brad Ausmus

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Icon Dump: Red Sox/White Sox/Dodgers
[MUS] Clarinets
Random dump, random icons.

1. Red Sox World Series banners
2. Jim Thome/Socks
3. Jim Thome/O RLY
4. Dodgers All-Stars
5. Chad Billingsley and Russell Martin
6. Chad Billingsley and Albert Pujols
7-8. Chad Billingsley
9-10. Thunder Thighs
11. James Loney/Geoffrey
12. Russell Martin and Matt Kemp
13. Russell Martin and Clayton Kershaw

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[MUS] Clarinets
The JI
JIM THOME icon megapost is updated.

3 new ones.

Icons: Adam Wainwright
[MUS] Clarinets
Plain and simple.

1-5 Adam Wainwright
6 Adam Wainwright and Bob Gibson

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Icons: Jim Thome/The Dugout
[MUS] Clarinets
I really, really need help.

1 The Berkman Challenge
2 Jim Thome Has a Heckuva Day
3 The White Sox's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
4 Jim Thome, Call Center Hero
5 V Is for Violence (updated)
6 All Washed Up
7 Johann Olav Kloss Was Awesome
8 Jennie and Jim (Part 9)
9 You Now Prosess Jim Thome's Rib (updated)
10 Potatoes; Tomatoes
11 Johann Olav Kloss Was Awesome
12-13 A Perfect Game
14 Christmas in the NBA

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Icons: Los Angeles Dodgers/Boston Red Sox
[MUS] Clarinets
For the two teams who are most desperately trying to kill me...and one random icon of a man who's hit over 500 home runs on the strength of a good heart. And cheeseburgers. Lots and lots of cheeseburgers.

1-2 Chad Billingsley
3 Jonathan Broxton
4 Andre Ethier and Russell Martin
5 Andre Ethier
6 Matt Kemp and Jamie Hoffmann
7 Brent Leach
8-10 Tim Wakefield
11 Jim Thome

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